Since 18th April 1997


Promote international cooperation in the identification, study and solution of legal, administrative and financial issues in connection with the protection, maintenance and conservation of monuments, groups of buildings and sites


Our Approach




Discourse via Seminars, Conferences & Meetings


Our Role

Provide expert advice to ICOMOS in matters of World Heritage Convention and its related matters

Our Programs

  • Protective Listings
  • Legal Definitions
  • Integrity
  • Regulation of threats
  • Protection of the surroundings
  • Enforcement measures in the protection
  • Impact of international and domestic legislation
  • UNESCO recommendations on cultural heritage (1958 onwards)
  • Independence of conservators within administrative structures
  • Economic impact of financing conservation and restoration
  • Teaching of law and administration in training conservators.

ICLAFI Symposium and Annual Meeting 2024

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